I must record a tribute to this couple who were so important in my early childhood. Until 1959 we all lived in Hayes and had business in Greenford  where Joyce came from. I don’t remember Joyce working at the market even though I spent much of my time going there from school and being there during the school holidays. I just recall she was delivering orders although I remember my mum doing this as well.

Yet the most amazing thing happened just in time John and Joyce got married and let me be bridesmaid!!

The memories I have started way before that time. Although not as far back as these photos. Alf (John Hiett’s father) and Ethel were brother and sister and very close always out together and John and Eric were inseparable too.

I was the first grandchild to Ethel and Jim and the first girl in the family to Ethel Jim Elsie and Alf; consequently my first few years I was taken  every where by all of them. John a nineteen year old, who yes loved cards, became my Godfather.

Whenever we had Christmas celebrations at Chalfont Road or at West Drayton the men would stay up all night playing cards. Christmas was very important to Ethel and Jim and everyone had to be there.

Joyce and John were very faithful to my family and I will always be grateful for their support. Whenever I visited Ethel at Rowledge, Joyce had always just been round or was on her way with shopping and helps. They were there, not only for Ethel’s passing but also for Olive’s passing too. I cherish this photo as my two Godfathers supported me


Even when my dad died and John was crocked up after his hip ‘op….Joyce was there to make the family photo


This was in 2001 and after Gwen’s passing in 2006 Jim John and I became top of the heap.

We will always have happy memories of John and Joyce. Thank you Auntie Joyce for letting me be bridesmaid…Thank you Uncle John for letting me ride on your motorbike!



So I visited Aldershot for the last goodbye found our Uncle John was John Alfred Andrew and Auntie Joyce was Joyce Margaret It was also good to remember Uncle Alf and Auntie Elsie’s address. I had spent ages pouring over a google map as I knew my way there..could see the house, even knew the number and the fact that the road began with the letter L but the lovely eulogy revealed 6 Lannock Road. Thanks so much to Auntie Joyce’s family for the way they have supported them and given me an opportunity to say farewell.