I have waited all year for this special day to let my beloved grandson know just how much he has enriched my life.

George I don’t live close enough to embarrass you in front of all your friends and I hope these photos do not have any cringe factor. As I spent hours looking through all the photos I have of your eighteen years it has been so hard to choose just a few to mark this auspicious occasion.

I waited quite a few years for you my first grandchild. Thank you George I was so chuffed.


You moved house in 2000 and you had a trip to Switzerland in 2001. Of course you were adored by great granddad, great grandma and me. We all got very excited when you came to visit us in Didcot.

Before long you had a baby sister

And a fancy hairstyle.

It was great to hear the news of your sports day exploits and to hear about cubs. I used to wonder if you ever had an evening at home. Mum made sure you got to watch all the latest movies.2008 Christmas

I always wanted a photo when ever we met  so I could brag about you to all my friends! We have had some trips together to Bournemouth York and Lincoln they were fun.

I grabbed every opportunity I could to watch you play rugby and have photos from under 7’s! Time flies and I was so proud to get the first secondary school photo.

2012 November

You all seemed very happy when you visited in 2012 and I was able to get a yearly photo of you all. George you have been a star throughout I imagine you would have often preferred to be out climbing trees. You have always been amazingly gracious and kind and I am well blessed to have such an amenable grandson.


In 2013 you even shared in my passion for science at the synchrotron at Diamond Harwell2014

Your mum has organised some good trips too and usually you have been in the woods if not up the trees.

2015 stolen

I think 2015 must have been a tough year I stole this photo from the internet somewhere Your dad told me about rugby but I don’t think I got to see you play. I think you were all busy.

I was so pleased to hear your GCSE results and that you were going into sixth form and fascinated to hear about your interest in robotics.

2017 June

Once again in 2017 you blessed me with a photo. Happy Birthday George and as I said in your Birthday Card… Climb a tree for me, conquer a mountain,  build me a robot but most of all have fun …love Grandma