My mum and dad married on September 14th 1941. It was a romantic love affair. She was the girl next door. The war was about to separate them for 18 months so they married, wrote letters every day and while my father trained in South Africa (same time zone as UK) they would look at the moon at the same time so that they were in touch.

As a small child I would see them cuddle in the kitchen and sing to each other. “If you were the only girl in the world and I was the boy next door…..

If you were the only girl in the world
And I were the only boy
Nothing else would matter in the world today
We would go on lovin’ in the same old way
A Garden of Eden just made for two
With nothing to mar our joy

Another day my dad would grab my mothers hand and sing ‘Your tiny hand is frozen’ I thought they were so romantic. Then they would both sing ‘a room with a view’ this was early fifties but Noel Coward was still popular to their age group.

Even when we moved to Rickmansworth and they gave us children the lounge and they sat together in the tiny kitchen. They worked together did everything together never apart.

We had moved to Didcot by the time they reached 25 years married in 1966. Bless my mum she cooked us all a roast to celebrate. Within 5 years we had all flown the nest and mum and dad took up dancing..ballroom, old time and Latin American. I was so proud of my dad as he was a shy man and my mum was tough on him. All the staff in our shop would wait for September the 14th. My dad would put Anniversary Waltz on the shop sound system and mum and dad would waltz round the shop.

Finally retirement came and then one year later 1991 the 50th Wedding Anniversary

They were fit ‘healthy and enjoying life as best they could as they were also caring for their mothers. Sadly no sooner had the mothers gone to heaven but my dad took sick. Mum was planning a big trip to Squadron reunion but I knew my dad was too ill.

In February 2001 9 months before their 60th Wedding Anniversary I took them back to Hayes to the church, the pub where they all had a drink and to Chalfont Road it was incredibly poignant dad hardly had breath but put on a brave smile.

Dad did not make it to the 60th Anniversary and mum died 5 years later of a broken heart. IMG_1601

Most years between Mum’s birthday in August and their anniversary I would take them out to lunch and take a photo at the front door so glad I did…miss you mum and dad you did a good job..can still them singing this one

This version was lost ha wonder which folks will prefer?